goat rock beach, jenner

goat rock beach, jenner

Coastal Beaches

The Sonoma Coast State Park consists of a series of beaches over 17 miles, starting at the Bodega Head and ending four miles north of Jenner. See whales migrating from December through April, or new seal pups at Goat Rock Beach in the spring. Enjoy hiking, kayaking, and bird watching while taking in the spectacular view.

Sonoma Coast State Parks has produced a really helpful map that you may be able to pick up in various locations throughout Sonoma County (try the Bodega Bay and Russian River Visitors Centers) or download it from their site:

Sonoma Coast State Park Brochure and Map (pdf)


best beachcombing - Shell Beach

best fishing - Shell Beach, Portugese Beach & Schoolhouse Beach

best sunset - Goat Rock Beach & Blind Beach

best tidepooling - Shell Beach (with volunteer naturalists available during the spring and summer) & Carmet Beach

Sunset at Goat Rock Beach, Jenner

Sunset at Goat Rock Beach, Jenner

River Beaches

Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach - Healdsburg - (707) 433-1625 -

Johnson's Beach - Guerneville - (707) 869-2022 -

Mom's Beach - 10584 River Drive, Forestville

Monte Rio Beach - Monte Rio - (707) 865-2487 -

Steelhead Beach - Forestville - (707) 433-1625

Sunset Beach - Guerneville - (707) 433-1625 -

Vacation Crossing - Guerneville - (707) 869-9184 -

Johnson's Beach, Guerneville

Johnson's Beach, Guerneville


Try to enjoy the intertidal creatures without touching them. If you do touch them, here are some guidelines:

  • Using force to remove a creature can be permanently harmful to them.
  • Only touch animals as gently as you would your own eyeball.
  • Don't poke or squeeze or yank.
  • If a creature is hiding in a crevice or under a rock, do not pull them out.

splash zone: lichens, limpets, periwinkles & rock louse

high tide zone: acorn barnacles, brittle star, hermit crabs, lined shore crabs, & sea lettuce

mid tide zone: aggregated anemones, bat stars, black chitons, gooseneck barnacles, mussels, ochre stars, purple shore crabs, rockweed alga, sea palm alga, sea sac alga, tidepool sculpins & whelks

low tide zone: dungeness crabs, giant green anemones, kelp cakes, marine snails, nudibranches, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, sponges, sunflower stars & tube worms

Tidepool Education Program Teacher’s Guide (pdf)