pet-friendly lodging & camping

You'll find that the River is a pretty dog-friendly place and that there is plenty of lodging to be found that will allow you to enjoy your vacation with your best friend.

There are also a number of local restaurants with dog-friendly outdoor patios.


duncans mills

casini ranch
22855 Moscow Road
(800) 451-8400



boon hotel
14711 armstrong woods road
(707) 869-2721

  • Dog accommodations must be pre-arranged by telephone or email
  • A $50 fee per stay
  • Not all rooms are dog friendly
  • Dogs are NOT allowed on holiday or event weekends
  • Dogs must be with their owner at all times and are not allowed to be left in the room if owners leave the property
  • More Info

dawn ranch lodge
16467 Hwy 116 (River Road)
(707) 869-0656

  • Arrangements must be made in advance
  • A fee of $40 per night in addition to the nightly cabin rate
  • Limited number of pet-friendly cabins

highlands resort
14000 Woodland Drive
(707) 869-0333

  • Arrangements must be made in advance
  • 3 pet-friendly cabins
  • A fee of $25 (not a per night charge)
  • More than 1 pet per cabin allowed

santa nella house
12130 Highway 116
(707) 869-9488

  • Arrangements must be made in advance
  • Cottage only/Not in the Main House
  • A fee of $25/night per dog
  • More Info

sonoma orchard inn
12850 River Road
(707) 869-4466

  • Some pet-friendly rooms

monte rio

village inn
20822 River Boulevard
(707) 865-2304

  • Well-behaved owners may accompany their dogs
  • Arrangements must be made in advance by phone/Advance Reservations requiring a pet friendly room cannot be reserved through website
  • A $25 per night pet fee


the inn at occidental
3657 Church Street
(707) 874-1047

  • Pet friendly lodging available in the Sonoma Cottage and in designated Courtyard Rooms for well-behaved, housebroken dogs
  • Dogs must be quiet and well-mannered
  • A $40/pet/night fee applies

sea ranch

sea ranch lodge

60 Sea Walk Drive
(707) 785-2371

  • Arrangements must be made in advance
  • Two dogs maximum
  • A fee of $50
  • A special bed, bowl, treats and more
  • More Info